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neetu's speeches are based on Five mazor needs of society

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youth INTERACTION programme

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woman empowerment programme

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Social Issues & Community Development

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entrepreneurship development

personality development

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Being motivated is the key to being at your best. Students to employees everybody needs that one reason that makes him to be unstoppable. Give your employees,students,volunteers a chance to learn amazing lessons of life with Neetu’s expertise.







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We all know that you is the biggest asset to our country and we realise that mamy of them are not going the right way but we don’t realise that what problems they are facing. Neetu in her career has continuously has been in touch with youth, and in this program she offers her solutions to their problems with passion and care.’

neetu chopra


Women in this country are in a need to realise that how important they are in the society. This way they will have confidence,and a sense of self-worth. Through this program Neetu has given many woman of the country a reason for just not finding themselves inferior , but to be the superior. neetu has established herself as a successful Entrepreneur in a patriarchal society. She aims to make indian women fearless and courageous with independence.

neetu chopra

social issues & community Development

Our society is in a need of feeling the sense of harmony and oneness with every one. Neetu with her travel adventures has experienced the best of many cultures. Through this program she wants to aware people about the beauty in other cultures and give them a sense of humanity for dealing with social issues.

neetu chopra


We believe that no one is a born entrepreneur, entrepreneurs are made with experience, passion and hard work. Neetu herself being a successful entrepreneur has learned a lot of skills that are requisites of someone trying to achieve greatness. Through this program she explains yhe core concepts of entrepreneurship and tries to evoke a sense of passion in every person.”


A well groomed person who makes statements confidently, is ghe ideal picture of a winner. Neetu through her struggles and hardships shaped her personality and acquired traits that are very important to survive the cut-throat competition we face. With this program Neetu, empowers people to express and to deliver with confidence.

"Let go of your fears and fly high with your wings of passion
in the sky of ambitions,without any limitations.

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