Warrior Women

Warrior Women is an initiative taken by Neetu Chopra, who has done a 4200 Km ride from Kashmir to Kanyakumari to protest against the atrocious ‘Hyderabad Gang Rape Case’.
In her journey as an entrepreneur, she has once and again encountered women who had talent to outshine the diamonds but remained unseen in the boundaries of their houses. That is why she has decided to try and give these unheard ones, a voice. The world needs to see what these are capable of.

Men have fought enormous battles in the past, but what they forgot is that the women were the ‘Real Warriors’ who fought against all odds and raised their children single handed.

History tells us nothing about that because its, ‘His + Story’, but the ‘Her Story’ is yet to be told and that is what we want to do. Even today the women who created history and those who have the potential to create history remain unheard.

To bring these hidden stories, we need your help. We do incur expenses for the writing, travel, cinematography and the helps provided to these women. You and we together can give a voice to the unheard and let these talented bubbles rise up to the surface.

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Journey on Scooty: from kashmir to kanyakumari

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