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Neetu Chopra

Hitch Hiking to five countries

PARWAZ - The daring flight

Parwaz is an initiative by The Free flying Eagle Neetu Chopra. The moto behind her this project is – “Bravery can bring the toughest Victory”. Neetu Chopra being a travel freak started her travelling journey ten years back and she continuously keeps spreading social awareness. She believes that travelling helps to inculcate the best in a person , it helps to read a person’s mind as well as heart. On the other hand, she learns life from different perspectives of individuals. In the last 4 years, she has travelled professionally All over India and interacted with a lot of people.

Youth Interaction Session - 4

“Dar ko darao Daring ban jao” is the theme of this project. To make females feel safe we must ensure our safety by becoming fearless. Therefore, our Rider Girl has decided to hitchhike this time and aimed to meet truck drivers more to understand their outlook toward women. Travelling to five different countries she will try to understand women’s safety issues on a larger level. 

How did I start?

Travelling, walking, being at home we aren’t safe anywhere. Being a girl, like many of us, I have also witnessed many incidents of teasing, molestations, and caught actions where I was about to get raped, but I fought with the presence of mind, and every time I successfully overcame these situations I became fearless after gaining confidence in every situation. So I thought why not share my experiences and inspire others on how they can travel and tackle unfavourable situations in their lives? Therefore, I am Travelling to different places and conducting sessions to empower them.

Objective -1

As commonly said, "Through your words and behaviour you can change the heart and perception of a human being". So My thought behind this is I observed many rape and wrong incidents happening to girls and rapists usually belong to the labour class, truck drivers and low-educated people. I want to read their minds and try to change their perception of women

Objective -2

On the other side, I want to convey a message to the whole society that if you are smart, if you are fearless then the entire world is safe for you, I already proved this in some instants by riding solo on my scooter and then riding across India on my bike and this time I decided to hitchhike

Her Initiatives

Previous Youth Interaction Sessions

Suicide Prevention​

She had attempted suicide thrice in life and then she realised the value of life and she can understand the mental health of the patient. In today’s world, every 7th person is in depression. To fight this problem the key to it is Interaction and Guidance. Thus, she started YIP( Youth Interaction Programme) and delivered sessions in different schools, and colleges across India and helped many in person too. Just by stepping forward with the hands of friendship she helped end the number of youths. 



In 2020 Neetu became the first Indian Girl to ride on Activa from Kashmir to Kanyakumari 4600kms in 18 days under #Ride_for_Revolution with the motto “Ladkiyon ghar se Bahar niklo” campaign to protest against Priyanka Reddy’s Rape Case. This initiative was to make day and night travelling a common matter for girls which will automatically increase security on roads and make girls fearless.


An amazing journey towards Water Conservation and Environmental Sustainability and under Ride 4 Youth which is a sub-initiative of the project Prayan, I’ve travelled a complete circuit of India on my motorbike Avenger 220cc covering 20354 (twenty thousand three hundred fifty-four) kilometres in only 108 days, including all the 28 states, 09 Union Territories and the four corners of India. During the ride, I interacted with 13,000 (thirteen thousand) youth of different institutes, associations & clubs with the shoutout “Yuva jagega tabhi to desh bachata”. Riding without money with the help of strange local people & administration, I proved & made the youth realise that passion is more important than money. This courageous initiative of mine encouraged sports and adventure among youth, especially women.

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One Drop Makes An Ocean

She is 1st Woman to Ride all across India covering 20,356 kms without spending any money of her own including no penny for petrol. She did not approach any big sponsors, she wanted to win the hearts of people in any possible way. She is surviving with the donations and contributions through the sessions as she has completely dedicated herself to women’s empowerment. 

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