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Come let's plant a tree and celebrate World Earth Day

Yesterday, was the birthday of my friend Mr. Bhuvnesh Ojha or “Pukaarwala” as he is known by the world. He is a very dedicated environmentalist and has an amazing love for the nature. He is a true child of mother Earth. At the age of 26 he has already planted more than 50,000 trees around the globe.

So when I called him to wish him a Happy Birthday, Mr. Ojha was planting a full fledged kitchen garden on his roof. He has used the opportunity of this lock down brilliantly.I got inspired by him and thought of sharing this idea with all of you.

What’s better than the World Earth Day to plant trees together. So come let’s plant a tree and join Bhuvnesh in his initiavtive.     

So come let's plant a tree and celebrate the "real" World Earth day.

Plant a tree in a vase, a pot or even a outside, plant it wherever you want, but do plant at least one. Send us a picture on whatsapp at 9351109935 and get a chance to feature in next article on Pukaar foundation website

Know more about "Pukaarwala" at Stubborn stories

“If your cause is genuine and you are truthful, then nature will lead your way” says Bhuvanesh Ojha ,the founder of PUKAR foundation.

Bhuvanesh Ojha, a tender kid with love for nature in his heart and a dream to grow a forest in his eyes who is now known to be one of the most active environmentalist in India. An IIT aspirant whose soul always remained attached to the his roots and never got detached.

Catch "Pukaarwala" live tonight ...

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