Hijab Is Just A Religious Code Or Target For Votes

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One day suddenly some students wearing the same saffron shawl and hijab decided to go to school instead of proper uniforms. Seriously, was it a coincidence or this drama was plotted by someone? Students instead of their studies and life are suddenly getting a part of such violence and politics. 

I am amazed by the sentence “Hijab is my identity” . One must understand that everyone  has their own culture and traditions, no educational institute denies to celebrate Ramjan or Eid then suddenly how  this conflict arises. 

Religious codes/fashion/trends means to enjoy outside the workplace not drag it to the workplace to destroy the working environment as a distractive factor where that is required. Something funny comes to mind that all Indians who live in foreign countries should have a tattoo of India on their head as our identity or we should wear a tricolour dress to prove that we are Indians, isn’t it? 

If it appears funny to you my friends, then it is also fun to make it compulsory for hijab as well. 

Is this just a choice of wearing a dress or agenda was something else ?

According to Prof Phaniraj K “Sporadic incidents of questioning hijab and skull caps inside educational institutions have continued but they never blew up like this” So, let us understand this in a better way – When we were in school we could not even manage identical colour of white shirts, somewhere or the other the shades differed, to my surprise today these students managed to get exactly same saffron colour brand new shawls in hundreds by themselves. How did they manage it? 

The problem is within  us, we see whatever is served. We never try to go beyond that, in the depth of the real problem. Agreeing with the opinion of other bloggers and reporters I must say that behind this case there are the brains of some political groups or organisations. Some groups of people have put invisible guns of religious fanaticism, filled with bullets of hatred, on the shoulders of these innocent students to kill the peace and prosperity of our country. 

Well, what can be reason behind this?

Why do they wish to kill the peace and prosperity of their own country? This is not the first time we are witnessing such case,Let me remind you of the case of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and Lal Bahadur Shastri’s death mysteries. We have lost two kohinoors just for the sake of personal benefit  of some political leaders. The greed of politicians went to such an extent that they murdered their own countries real heroes, whom country need the most and they have sacrifice  their whole life for serving their motherland selflessly.

These self centred politicians  have proved that nothing is as important as their power which they get in exchange for slaughtering faiths after winning  vote banks.Every time before elections they inject people with the poison of hate in the name of religion, community, temples, mosques, slaughtering of cows and now hijab and they are not going to stop.

And why do they do so? So that our foolish and emotional public can forget discussing the other necessary problems like unemployment, development, basic requirements etc. They want us to stay distracted by blindfolding us with the black cloth, and here we are becoming blind, deaf and dumb who can not listent to the voices of these storms in the form of these riots created by them. We can not even speak against them without  fear. Oh, yes! How can I forget that we are the followers of Gandhi and  that’s why we are like three monkey statues.

The media people who are blasting this issue chill, it’s that easy for two siblings to complain to their mother that “mom if brother will wear traditional dhoti i will also wear your pretty saree”. Media plays the most important role here. Instead of searching for masalas for TRP or getting sold for big money offered to them, the media reporters can  try to do some worthy discussions which will  spread positivity. Do not put the oil of negativity in this burning fire. These stupid villian can not be stopped, but We educated people who are the future of India, atleast, can stop from getting influenced by their dirty politics. Why do we always have this symbol of greater than less one instead of = equal.    


 In the latest wave of communal flare up, a 26-year-old worker of the Bajrang Dal was stabbed to death by some unknown person in Karnataka’s Shivamogga on February 20 at around 9 pm. This is just a beginning, we never know by posting a single blog on my website or my social media, I can snatch my last breathe by writing fearlessly. I am a strong follower of Bhagat Singh so anyway let’s continue.

I may sleep forever after writing this article, but  I don’t  understand when we will wake up? When are we going to utilise our own brains? And until when they are going to get benefits like in the fight of two monkeys the food gets taken away by another dog. These politicians are just like these dogs, who only can snatch the bite of others and we just keep fighting without any fruitful purpose.

Hijab is my identity

Lets understand hijab first :There is a difference between hijab and burkha.Hijab is a head covering cloth worn in public by some Muslim women. We can say the religious code which governs the wearing of the hijab. Whereas, burkha is a long, loose garment covering the whole body from head to feet, worn in public by women in many Muslim countries and due to safety reasons this is banned in some countries and at certain places. 

We should understand individuals’ priorities, requirements of their profession before giving any opinion. Let’s understand with another example many Punjabis  wear a turban and Rajasthani royals wear ‘pag’ but not all of them. It’s a culture that Punjabis never cut their hair, but nowadays it’s not like that. I usually sit with my friends who are Muslim and they do not wear hijab or caps every time, maybe you also notice the same things, right? if casually it’s not followed then why in an educational institute? 

Once upon a time, we identified people by their dress up, their meals and languages, but the time has changed now, Nowadays it’s difficult to identify anyone by their dress Hindu, Muslim, sikhs everyone wear cool tshirt – jeans or shirt paints. Then why did this become such an issue of riots? we are forgetting that we are living in the world of globalization, people who wish to interpret Modi can wear Modi jacket, who like Gandhi can wear khadi even if he is Muslim or Hindu. My point is we are living in a sovereign democratic republic where everyone is free to choose what to eat? what to wear and how to live? 

Ghunghat culture is banned, but still in some villages due to their culture they follow the same.Then Why should it be a compulsion to wear hijab in institutes? This should be a choice not at all compulsion. It’s that simple, to give women freedom.

What will be the supreme court's order?

Wow, we are living in a country where the court can not penalise culprits, where Nehru and boss files are never classified and we are dragging this small thing which can be one choice to the supreme court !!

Lets see this whole issue from another perspective – Can’t we be wiser in such situations? Can we create a happy situation by saying “Just because our sisters are wearing hijab  for their respect, therefore,  we will also wear saffron scarfs. Instead of fighting, you wear a hijab, I wear a scarf and we both look beautiful. Let’s click selfies together and get united.”

If supreme court permits hijab

Let’s talk about if this becomes a compulsion ,girls who don’t want to wear this will feel uncomfortable. Let me clear this with some of examples 

“Pilot Sarah Hameed Ahmed is not wearing a hijab during take-off of her flight or Sania is not wearing a hijab during her match or Lt Col Sophia Qureshi wears an army cap, not a hijab with army uniform.”

“I worry that this will create an environment of hate in the class,” says Saima.

“We will start thinking that he is a Hindu and that’s why he stood against me, and they will think that she is a Muslim and that’s why she was against me.”

Simultaneously every religion will follow their self-beliefs, there is a difference in freedom and arbitrary institutions become modelling places, where one can appear in a bikini and classroom, becomes fashion shows, imagine where the meaning and objective of real education flows?

Now we have to decide what we want;to force a girl to wear Hijab or to be caged in the boundaries of old fashion, stereotyping moral cultural values. 

First we will demand to make it compulsory, then we will feel uncomfortable. Later, those who are unwillingly forced to follow the new rules, will again shout and sit for protest. 

If supreme court banned hijab then:

Let’s understand this, once upon a time when almost all Hindu ladies wore sarees as tradition, then salwar suits got popular just because they were easy to carry and comfortable for working women. Again the time changed, trends changed, and many working women preferred denim as they started travelling, sports and other activities. Come on, we are living in the 21st century where we are talking about women empowerment where girls are not just doing domestic work. They are flying planes and playing cricket as well. 

If we do not give respect to ones religious values the complete muslim community will get hurt just because of a hijab, and more over this is just a head coving which affects nothing rather then hindu’s hindutav.  

If the hijab is rejected then it is difficult for all those girls who come from orthodox families and  their typical culture where there is nothing more than their culture and religion, they will stop sending them to institutes and why, just because of the hijab? They will acquire education which actually leads them to learn and fly with their skills which we entitled as woman empowerment. Now we have to decide what we want; if just for a piece of cloth on head will let girls compromise on their right to education, her dreams which she wishes to fulfil will bury there itself.

After this decision we all will cheer that yes we have won the battle of hijab by putting a girl in the cage, what do you think, will it bring justice ?


Uniform meant for  discipline and unity of respective fields whether it be doctors, advocates, pilots, army or in education. That meant unity, not for differences. Let’s come to another opinion, “hijab is my identity” oh really! If you are a student then your uniform is your identity, we recognise a student by their uniform like he is a student of so and so school or college, now suddenly we urge to implemiment this to identify that one is a Muslim and one is Hindu! 

No matter whatever will be Supreme Court’s order,  being an educated girl, not Hindu or Muslim. Neither I am supporting saffron nor hijab, being an Indian I am supporting here the peace and prosperity of my country which is above all these religious codes. Let’s stop getting  influenced, let’s gift each other hijab & scarfs with the wide smiles and click selfies outside the school. Let’s shout out “we all are one” and show unity in our school uniform instead of religious differences. 

Come on just for once, let’s exercise this and then wait to witness the failure of the next bullshit game of white dressed, dirty mind politicians.

Being students, let’s pledge-  “We will be friends forever with other religions and we will stand together not against each other”. Then only these politicians will take rest, till then it’s our responsibility to save our country from our own enemies. 

“Hijab or saffron is not my identity, 

I am an aware citizen and that is my quality.

Let’s talk about equality,

Otherwise, one day we will be guilty.”

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