Corona Mai Kuch To Crazy Karo Na

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We, Nitanju Events organized a competition on our Instagram Handle named  Corona Mai Kuch to Karo Na”. It was a fun oriented online competition to give people a opportunity to utilize their time in creative activities.

First volume of this was open for anything but it must be fun, many people came forward to participate and then we organized a second volume of this competition where we gave people three topics to choose from and to speak something on it for one minute. Every time we have distributed exciting prizes to the participants. 

After successful completion of the first two volumes we came up with the third volume, “Let’s Dance” . In this we got immense participation. We got videos from kids to youth to even people who won’t even dance in normal days.

I would like to give a shout-out to all the participants through this post…

Our Winners...


Kumkum Shinde


1st Runner Up

Yashashvi Upadhyay


2nd Runner Up

Donal Benny


Consolation Prizes...

Avinash Sharma


Prince Pancharia


Know more about participants

Our Tiny Tots...

Queens of Dance...

Yashashvi Upadhyay

Akansha Agarwal

Priyanka Vyas

Dancing Wizards...


Nirmal Chopra

Vishal Chandel

Prince Pancharia

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