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05 march when the love story begins

 When my father gifted me this gift on my birthday with the thought that it may be a perfect gift for a traveler, blogger, and public figure like me. Also after unboxing, I fell in love with this oh, yes! that was a Samsung flip.


When my heart breaks

I was walking on my balcony talking on my handset when the drizzle started and a few drops of rainwater fell on the surface of my phone. Though I returned to my room  I was not taking this seriously as the manual of the handset says it’s water resistant and can handle 1.5-meter water for up to 30 minutes. However, when it started raining I came back to my room.  Also, I was not expecting that these small drops screen touch so much that it damages my handset with a screen touch.  The next morning, as I was charging my phone, and noticed a small black deposition, when I touched it and it started spreading and it seems that water entered inside the screen.


Day -1 On the 15th of July

I went to the service centre with the expectation that under one year warranty I will get it repaired.

They examined this and then told me that liquid damage is not covered under the warranty. I was so shocked by their response that I told them that I will go to consumer court. I requested and they gave me an acknowledgment receipt (on mail) as proof that I visited the service center. They provided me with an estimate of around 28000/-  for change of display.

Day -2 The pinky promise of Samsung failed

After returning from the service centre, with my heavy heart  I called the Samsung helpline number and explained my case. That guy assured me to contact me back by the senior supervisor within 4 hours. I waited patiently for 56 hours however to no avail, showing the commitment at the consideration that Samsung has for its customers. The promise made by them to call back within 4 hours turned into 56 hours proves how committed Samsung Company is to their customers. 


Day - 3 On the 17th of July

I again called on the helpline number. The guy who answered kept me on hold for 46minutes  repeatedly saying that he was going to connect me to his supervisor. At the end of 46 minutes, he apologized and assured me to call him back within 30 minutes. I was expecting the call within 30 minutes but after waiting for 2 hours I couldn’t bear to kill my time waiting longer.  


After 2 hours when I called, fortunately, this time I got a chance to talk to the senior floor manager and after listening to my whole case, I was assured that I would get a call back from someone from the company. He raised my complaint number on day 3 after all this happened. 

Around 3 pm I got a call from Tanisha (customer experience manager) who is right now handling my case

Firstly, she told me this will not cover under warranty I told her that’s ok I am proceeding for consumer court.

Then she told me that she would discuss the case and would contact me by mail.

Day - 4 On the 18th of July

he mailed me asking for an invoice. I responded to the mail within 50 minutes with the expectation that my problem would finally rest. 


Day - 5 On the 19th of July

at 9:20 am I received a mail from her mentioning that she had received invoice mail and she will ask the service centre if they have a spare phone they will provide me as per my request in previous mail. On the same evening around 5:15 pm, I got a call from her where she told me to send the picture of the mobile phone screen. When I asked for a reason she explained to me – “Generally In liquid damage cases black deposition doesn’t occur and the service team wanted to assure that this is liquid deposition.” In surprise, I asked her  ” What  is the issue if not liquid damage ?”  She said that is what I want to figure out”

Now tell me something. I want to ask a question from the manufacturer to the technical assessment team and all the authorities of the service centre. In my liquid damage case, why did you try to escape? Instead of getting it quickly repaired, you are wasting my time and energy here.

myths/fantasies in the mind of the company Samsung

Ok, let’s consider that this is not liquid damage as per your service team’s point then what else is it?

You guys have a good sense of humour that you want to say that this mobile fell from a height and a superpower or Shaktiman caught it so there is not a single scratch on the body but that falling deposited in terms of black deposition, right?


 Maybe the beautiful handset got upset with me due to its reason and all of sudden it behaves like this with me. 


Maybe in this rainy season, it got a high fever and started shivering which resulted in this situation. 


Maybe a Kid drew the black deposit or my Pet which I don’t have has done something to screen and it turned out like this. 

Common guys, do you think I bought a mobile phone for 90,000 rs to do silly things like these?

Day - 7th On the 21st of July

After wasting one week I was expecting justice, but as usual, Samsung made a stand at the same place. I was wrong to keep my hopes high. Today, again I get a call from Tanisha and she asked me to go and give my handset to the service centre. I reminded her about our previous conversation that being a public figure I have time restraints and without my handset, as promised by them, my work is suffering a lot. Therefore, I sought a spare handset, but as usual, they didn’t bother about my convenience and I kept suffering all losses. On day 1 itself, I mentioned that I recently met with an accident and I am under bed rest. But they didn’t even understand my case and rudely she kept telling me I should send the phone with someone to the service centre. When all my efforts to explain to them my grievances and issues failed I  replied that I shall move to consumer court. A customer-oriented brand always values its customers, but here Samsung proved that customer is just their dice. They just want to loot money. They have a pick-and-drop facility, but she did not even mention it once. When I requested her she told me she will coordinate with the service centre and will get back to me.

Meanwhile, I received a call from the service centre guy that he is coming to pick up my handset, I said ok. Now, what happened to me, you the reader will feel am I talking about a brand “SAMSUNG” or a local brand. Guess what, a guy came with a paper and he asked me to sign. Before signing I had a look at the paper, you guys must have a look too. I am attaching this here with my blog.

I told, “I guess this is a job sheet which is acknowledged by the customer after repair where all these are mentioned, I can’t sign this wrong sheet”

To my surprise, I asked the service guy to call the service centre I want to talk to, I asked him what paper he sent? How can I give my 90,000/- rs mobile without any job sheet? How they can be so irresponsible or illiterate that they can not even be responsible for what document they should send to sign while receiving a mobile from the customer, especially when it is picked up from home. How can a person like me believe in a random normal-looking engineer who doesn’t even wear a uniform? When I asked the question he replied “I don’t know anything, I was just told to pick up a mobile from you”. It is unbelievable that the guy is not even a permanent employee in Samsung, this is again thinking that a company like. Samsung’s services will go up to this level.

Advise/message before you buy SAMSUNG

“To All the passionate mobile lovers, crazy tech-savvy people, don’t break your heart by loving your device at first sight by just watching false misleading advertisements like Samsung flip. Don’t love your device too much like me. My lover  will disappear like this, I never ever imagined.”

Now, without wasting my time I am dragging this case to consumer court, Wake up guys,

I wrote this long blog to make you all blindfolded people realise that they do not trust the brand Samsung. Stay updated for more updates about the consumer forum and the consumer court decision for giving justice to me.

What penalties does the brand Samsung pay in this case?

Subscribe to my channel and stay tuned guys !! Also, suggest in the comment box which mobile phone I should purchase next!!!

“I hope you guys have fun witnessing my love story to heartbreak and separation or divorce with SAMSUNG. Now I am single and ready to mingle with a new brand who will be loyal to me.”


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  1. Vinay Vyas

    It’s Really annoying what Samsung is doing. I have also faced many issues with Samsung similar to yours in the past. I’m glad someone has come up with this publically.

  2. Chinmay Vyas

    apple iphone is way better than samsung!!

  3. Lakshit

    Never thought they can do this! But what can we expect thé are a monopoly so why not

  4. Megha

    It’s really nice to see an aware consumer like you. I have also faced issues with my Samsung Galaxy phone in past years. I hope you get Justice

  5. Aditya

    The company should ensure the satisfaction of the users.. if not, they must shut down..

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